3 Media Clips

This is an organization that is trying to end homelessness in Middlesex County. I think this is a good video because it showcases the plight of homeless people and shows a personal story. It’s very powerful.


Here’s a news report detailing the problems of homelessness in New Jersey and how lawmakers are planning to combat it.


Finally I have a picture showing the statistic that one in five kids  in New Jersey is hungry. It shows a kid crying, and gets across the message of urgency to this problem.



Five Great Midterm Websites

Here are five of my favorite midterm websites from my classmates (in no particular order):

1. Pugs and Hugs- Libby Kallins

First off- the title. When I first saw “Pugs and Hugs”, I got excited because I love dogs and I thought it would be a blog about dogs. But instead, it’s a website about how you can adopt pets! (There are pictures of dogs on the site too, don’t worry.) I have a dog who we rescued, so rescuing animals is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. This is why the screencast is also great. It shows off different ways that you can adopt dogs, so for me it’s a dream come true. The design of the site is nothing special, but when your site is about adopting animals, I don’t care about design- I’m hooked.

2. R2Cartoons- Renz Castillo

It’s great to see content that you created yourself on a blog! The blog setup here reminds me of an animator’s workspace, with the different colors of paper for the menus on the right. I also really love the short welcome video. I can tell right off the bat that animation is Renz’s passion, and he proves it by forgoing a traditional welcome post in favor of a short animation. I’m also a big fan of the animation he posted on his site. It’s a cute story about a girl trying to avoid a haircut, while the hairdresser does whatever it takes to track her down. It’s funny and has a nice ending. Overall, this is a great site for displaying one’s passion for animation.

3. Gaming Essentials- Anthony Lam

Like dogs, I’m a huge fan of video games, so this one won me over right away. One thing I like about this blog is the header. I like how it displays a lot of gaming equipment such as keyboards and computer mice. I also like how Anthony shows off his gaming equipment, both in text and video form. It’s helpful in text form if you want to know what exactly it is, and it’s helpful in video form because you can actually see the equipment and how he describes it. I also like the colors, as the use of black reminds of a lot of video games. I don’t have any equipment like he does, but I can still appreciate a blog like this.

4. Krystian’s Soccer Blog- Krystian Nycz

I’m a big sports fan, and while I don’t follow a lot of soccer, I can definitely spot a good sports blog when I see one.For starters, you have the header, which features a lot of famous soccer players and coaches. Right away, this tells you exactly what this site is about, and I like that. I also like the videos that he chose. I love watching sports highlights, so I really enjoyed the best goals video. My blog is also about sports, so I am definitely impressed by a fellow sports fan.

5. Photorla- Lara Watrous

Last but not least, we have a photography blog, and I love the photos chosen as well as the design of the blog. The black and white background allows the photos to stand out more, which is great because the photos are fantastic. I mentioned above how much I love animals, so the pictures of the animals on the farm in the snow were exactly what I was looking for. Then of course you have the sunset, which is the first picture you see on the front page. It’s beautiful, and it makes a great first impression. I also love how a lot of the photos are of winter scenes, evoking beautiful imagery. Not to mention the fact that Lara decided to use poetry to accompany her photos! This is one of my favorites, because of how aesthetically pleasing the content is. Love it.



Wot In Strategic Presentation

I love memes. As someone who is on the Internet pretty much every day (as most people are), I enjoy seeing what’s popular among different Internet communities from Reddit to Twitter to Youtube. Memes have evolved over time from images with text on them, many of which are mentioned in the article. But the meme I chose is a more recent meme that has many different variations that I love.

The “what in tarnation” meme is one of my favorite current memes because of the many different variations. The premise of the meme is to take a word that ends in the “-ation” sound, get a picture that related to the word, and put a cowboy hat on it. So you could have “what (or wot) in cellular respiration,” “what in crustacean”, “what in translation”, and so on. It’s a good meme because there are many different possibilities thanks to the hundreds of words and phrases that end in “-ation”

Overall, creating a successful meme isn’t that difficult. You just have to make something funny or weird enough for it to go viral. Whether it’s a picture or a video, chances are that there are enough people on the Internet that like it enough to spread it further than its intended audience. For memes, it’s all about how much it spreads once it starts getting popular. It can get popular because of a Tweet or Facebook post which got a lot of likes, or maybe it was something small that got shared by someone famous. But at the same time, memes don’t necessarily have to be that big. They can just be within a certain community, like an inside joke. While it’s true that the more popular the meme, the better, popularity is subjective when it comes to the meme’s audience.


what in tarnation.jpg

Here’s the meme image that I chose. An explanation behind the image and many different variations that spawned from it can be found here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/what-in-tarnation

Making the ePortfolio Video

I found making the ePortfolio video interesting and fun. First of all, the ePortfolio I chose was really well-done. I just made my LinkedIn page, and while it looks good, the ePortfolio I chose was so much better.

As for making the video, it wasn’t that hard. I just downloaded Screencast-O-Matic and recorded my screen with the voiceover. I thought it was pretty cool. There weren’t any obstacles either, it was very straightforward.

I think that this software that I discovered could serve many different purposes for me in the future. If I ever want to make a video about a topic that interests me (sports, music, etc.) and I want to record my screen, now I have a way to do it. It’s free and easy, and is probably the best software I’ve used so far. Pixlr and Garageband took time to figure out, but this was easy right from the start. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to record their screen but does not know what to do.

My Garageband Experience

Prior to making my podcast, I had never used Garageband before. In fact, I had no idea Garageband wasn’t free. I had to pay five dollars to download it. But I think that it was worth it and is something I will use again in the future. It was an interesting experience creating my podcast, and I enjoyed choosing the audio, putting it over my voice, and making my podcast pleasing to the ear.

That being said, my editing skills aren’t the best. I don’t really have that much experience with editing, and have been experimenting with iMovie a bit over the last month or so making goofy short clips. But going into Garageband, I found similarities with iMovie, but also differences. For one, it (obviously) dealt more with audio than video, but like iMovie, I found myself focusing on cutting clips to exact size. It seemed familiar to me, so I picked it up rather easily.

As for creating a music bed and crossfading, I consulted with the videos linked to the assignment, and figured out how to lower the volume of a clip so that my voice would be heard clearly. Those clips were very helpful for me to learn how to use Garageband to my advantage.

And then there were the music tracks that I picked. My initial picks were Smell Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (because it’s one of my favorite songs) and Paris by The Chainsmokers (because it fits with the theme of my blog). Pretty simple, right? So when I was done, I uploaded it to Soundcloud and was ready to post it to my blog…

…and then copyright.

Apparently Soundcloud took my podcast down because I used Paris, so I had to use a different song. I chose a French song about the Champs Elysees that played on a tour bus I was on in Paris. It reminded me of my trip, so I thought it would be fitting for my podcast.

Overall, I think that making my podcast was a good experience, and I was pretty satisfied with my work.